Lazy 360 Lightweight Rotating Mop


Double Sided Lazy Mop With Self WringingMake your cleaning life much easier with the double-sided lazy mop with self-wringing ability. This mop makes it super easy to clean by giving you both sides of the mop to use. It also is super flexible and lets you get into those hard to reach places like the wall, under a desk, baseboards and more. It also has a self-wringing feature that lets you easily decontaminate the mop. The microfiber mop head cloth is machine washable and makes it super easy to reuse.How to Use Slide the bottom pole part up over the base, put down the level to start cleaning.Flip over the mop base for double-sided use .Slide the bottom pole part UP and DOWN several times to wring water out.After cleaning, put the mop vertical again and leave to dry.

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